Tessica Brown Finally Got the Gorilla Glue Out of Her Hair

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Tessica Brown is donating all the cash from her GoFundMe to charity after a Los Angeles health care professional eliminated the Gorilla Glue for free

After going greater than a month with Gorilla Glue shellacked to her head, Tessica Brown became conquer with emotion while she awoke from surgical treatment and will run her palms thru her hair again.

“I cannot even give an explanation for that feeling,” the 40-year-antique tells PEOPLE. “If you failed to undergo that whole [ordeal], your hair being caught like that for a month, nobody’s going to ever recognize how I felt. I cannot even give an explanation for how I felt after I wasn’t capable of doing something easy that different humans should do each day.”

Brown, from St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, became now no longer doing properly while she published the now-viral TikTok explaining that she had used Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive Heavy Duty on her hair after she ran out of her pass-to hairspray a month earlier.

 Jessica Brown during surgery |
image Jessica Brown during surgery | CREDIT: RACHPOOT/MEGA

“I had stopped eating,” she says. “I misplaced like 10, thirteen lbs.” And youngsters at school, who had visible her TikTok, have been making amusing of her 11-year-antique daughter. “I might pass withinside the toilet to cry, due to the fact I’m the purpose my toddler is getting made amusing of at school.”


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Brown’s telecellsmartphone variety had additionally gotten out, and he or she became getting non-prevent calls and texts from humans. She had thrown her telecellsmartphone throughout the room in frustration, however, her 8-year-antique daughter ended up answering a name from her supervisor Gina Rodriguez, who became attaining out to mention that plastic health care professional in Beverly Hills, Dr. Michael Obeng, had heard approximately her tale and desired to fly her out and connect her hair for free.

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“As a chemistry major, I knew that this became a possibility,” Obeng tells PEOPLE. “So I needed to study the ingredients, the primary additives of Gorilla Glue. We combined the specific additives simply to make certain that it’ll work, and additionally now no longer damage the pores and skin. You know, lots of humans can take out glue, however, the query is, how will you thoroughly take out glue, and now no longer smash pores and skin. And as any person with a large history in reconstruction, I became thoroughly versed in that.”

In mid-February, Brown flew out to Los Angeles to fulfill with Obeng.

“When she got here to us, she had lots of anxiety, and the primary intention became to scale back that anxiety, make her much less anxious,” he says, including that she became in lots of pain. “Imagine what it is want to have your scalp continuously beneath neath anxiety for an entire month. The hair became all raveled down and fixed to the scalp, and also you cannot flow it, it is like wood or glass.”

Obeng had formulated a remedy and examined it out at the hair of a mannequin, and on his personal pores and skin to make certain it would not burn. Brown became extraordinarily frightened earlier than the remedy, and “involved that I’m going to be bald,” so Obeng and his group of workers gave her an IV to calm her down. He then carried out his remedy carefully, over the route of 4 hours.

“My backup plan became, if the whole thing else fails, then I may need to do a surgical haircut. But this answer became terrific and I became capable of untangling the hair,” he says. “We commenced with reducing the ponytail, and we have been capable of dissolving the glue. Then we begin operating our manner all of the manners into the scalp. And then we washed it out and placed oil in it simply to make certain that it does not pass back. It became very painstakingly done. We did now no longer purpose any damage. And we are capable of store lots of the hair follicles.”

When Brown awoke and became capable of experience her hair again, she became conquer.

“You must have visible the tears of pleasure while she should, in the end, run her palms thru her hair,” Obeng says. “That younger female has been thru a lot, and I’m satisfied that she has, in the end, has this, and that she is locating relief, and he or she’s long gone directly to her everyday lifestyles now.”

“This guy is a few forms of miracle worker,” Brown says. “I’m telling you, this guy is amazing.”

gorilla glue hair
gorilla glue hair

Obeng dealt with her hair some extra instances earlier than she went home, and Brown is now following strict commands to “deal with her hair like a new child baby” with moderate shampoos and herbal oils.

Before Obeng reached out, Brown had commenced a GoFundMe to elevate cash for remedy and obtained extra than $23,000 in donations. She’s now going to donate $20,000 of it to Obeng’s charity, R.E.S.T.O.R.E, which presents unfastened reconstructive surgical procedures to humans with deformities in growing countries, and the remaining $3,000 to 3 households in want in her community.

Brown is likewise operating on responding to the lots of messages of affection and aid that she obtained on social media, which she stated she’s “genuinely grateful” for. And going forward, she plans to “embrace” her herbal hair, something she’s encouraging different girls to do too.

“I simply need everybody, the girls my age, the girls older than me, the little children, my children — we want to absolutely realize our hair absolutely do not make us,” she says. “If I would’ve simply not noted of right here without spraying [the Gorilla Glue], it would’ve gotten messed up, I would not have gone via all of this. It’s now no longer really well worth it at all.”

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