12 Hair Care Tips Hairstylists Are Not Eager to Share


We definitely know that each girl dream of getting beautiful hair. this is often why we made a choice to find out about the way to have thick and healthy hair. We searched tons of special websites, blogs, and forums for hairstylists and located truly useful recommendations that they don’t usually mention. So what are they hiding from us?

Here are some important rules from styleluxs you ought to follow to form people admire your hair and even be jealous of it.


1. Show your hairstylist the images you like and don’t like

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Before visiting a salon, stylists recommend finding not just 3 photos of the haircuts you wish but also the photos of the pictures you’d never wish to have. this may give your hairstylist an understanding of what they ought to not do to your hair in any case. an equivalent works for selecting the hair color. And concentrate on the celebrities who have an identical sort of face as you — this is often the simplest thanks to finding your look and your hairstyle.

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